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Special Operations Glossary

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The Special Forces community and the military services in general use a multitude of words, phrases, and acronyms in its vocabulary, documentation, correspondence, and publications.  This glossary is intended to aid those unfamiliar with specific special operations terminology.

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MACVSOG.  Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observation Group.  A highly classified, US Special Operations unit which conducted covert unconventional warfare operations during the Vietnam War.  See MACVSOG at WikipediA.

MAFIA. Maneuver Aviation Fires Integrated Application is a fire support application that allows Fire Supporters at the company level, or maneuver small unit leaders to accurately locate a target and then to engage the target with indirect fire, close air support, or attack aviation. Read more on the TRADOC website.

MAGTF.  Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

Maquis. French rural partisans during World War II.

Maquisards. Members of the French Maquis during World War II.

MASINT.  Measurement and Signature Intelligence.

MATA Course. See Military Assistance and Training Advisor Course below.

MAW.  Medium Antitank Weapon.

MBITR.  Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio.

MC.  Mobility Corridor.

MCM.  Maneuver Control Measure.

MCOO.  Modified Combined Obstacle Overlay.

MCS.  Maneuver Control System.

MCW/LRP. Meal, Cold Weather / Long Range Patrol. Read about the nutritional value of the MCW/LRP at http://hprc-online.org/comrad/

MDMP.  Military Decision Making Process.

MEDEVAC.  Medical Evacuation.

Media.  Transmitters of information and psychological products.

MEF.  Marine Expeditionary Force.

METL.  Mission-Essential Task List.

METT-TC.  Mission, Enemy, Terrain and weather, Troops and support available - Time available, and Civil considerations.

MEU.  Marine Expeditionary Unit.

MFF.  Military Free Fall.

MGRS.  Military Grid Reference System.

MI.  Military intelligence; middle initial.

MI5. UK's Military Intelligence Department 5, for internal security and counter intelligence.

MI6. UK's External Intelligence - SIS.

MI9. UK's Military Intelligence Department Section 9 for Escape and Evasion Networks (E&E).

MIA.  Missing in Action.

MID.  Military Intelligence Detachment.

Military Assistance and Training Advisor Course (MATA Course). This was the Army's advisor course taught during the Vietnam War by Green Berets at the Institute of Military Assistance (IMA) located at Fort Bragg, NC. Some advocate that the course be re-established under the USAJKF Special Warfare Center and School so professional advisors are providing instruction to advisors and advisor teams (for example, the SFAATs that are currently deployed to Afghanistan). The advisors were issued the MATA Handbook for Vietnam, ST 31-179, January 1966.

MILORG. Norwegian Resistance Group during World War II.

MI(R). Military Intelligence (Research). A UK organizations set up to study irregular warfare during World War II. Initially it was called GS(R).

MLCOA.  Most Likely Course of Action.

MLRS.  Multiple Launch Rocket System.

MMC.  Mission Management Center.

MOA.  Memorandum of Agreement.

MOE.  Measure of Effectiveness.

MOOTW.  Military Operations Other Than War.  "Operations that encompass the use of military capabilities across the range of military operations short of war.  These military actions can be applied to complement any combination of the other instruments of national power and occur before, during, and after war".  (JP 1-02).

MOPP.  Mission-Oriented Protective Posture.

MOS.  Military Occupational Specialty.

Motorbikes. U.S. Special Forces will used specially designed motorbikes to traverse difficult terrain in remote areas. In addition, the bikes are adapted to provide a means of infiltration and exfiltration to hit targets or enter denied areas. One example is the BRD's Redshift MX called the Special Forces Stealth Bike.

MOUT.  Military Operations in Urban Terrain. This U.S. Army term is no longer in use and has been replaced by the term Urban Operations (UO). Read more about Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT). See also Wikipedia's page on Urban Warfare.

MPA.  Mission Planning Agent.

MRE.  Meals Ready to Eat. Want to know the nutritional facts about the Meal, Ready-To-Eat (MRE), First Strike Ration (FSR), or the Meal, Cold Weather / Long Range Patrol (MCW/LRP)? Find out at this site - Combat Rations Database (ComRaD). http://hprc-online.org/comrad/

MRR.  Motorized Rifle Regiment. Found in the former Soviet Bloc nations.

MSC.  Major Subordinate Command.

MSP.  Mission Support Plan.

MSR.  Mission Support Request.

MSS.  Mission Support Site.

MTOE.  Modified Table of Organization and Equipment.

MTP.  Mission Training Plan.

MTT.  Mobile Training Team. "A team consisting of one or more US military or civilian personnel sent on temporary duty, often to a foreign nation, to give instruction.  The mission of the team is to train indigenous personnel to operate, maintain, and employ weapons and support systems, or to develop a self-training capability in a particular skill.  The National Command Authority may direct a team to train either military or civilian indigenous personnel, depending on host nation requests".  (JP 1-02).

MTW.  Major Theater War.


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