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Special Forces Berlin
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Military Operations
in Urban Terrain - MOUT

Military Operations in Urban Terrain or MOUT is a term that the U.S. Army used in the past. MOUT has been replaced by the term Urban Operations or UO. Read more on Urban Warfare in Wikipedia. Some U.S. installations have MOUT sites - which are facilities built on military training ranges to simulate an urban environment.

 For instance, the Massachusetts Army National Guard has the MOUT Training Site Calero, named after MAJ Jeff Calero, which is a facility designed to meet the training requirements of a company-sized unit in an urban environment. Camp Edwards' MOUT site is 48 buildings constructed from connex containers, 1-2 stories high, with a mixture of rubble and complete structures. The village provides for a residential area, school, marketplace, and worship area. Soldiers learn how to clear rooms and buildings in built-up areas, conduct house-to-house searches by foot in hostile urban areas and distinguish between the characteristics of an innocent civilian and an embedded insurgent aiming to do harm. Soldiers training at a MOUT site engage in realistic scenarios that require them to travel in convoys and encounter role players posing as civilians on the battlefield or opposing forces.

Papers and Publications about MOUT

Sumner, MAJ Mark. USMC MOUT Doctrine, an annex to MCWP 3-35.3.


1. Information about the MOUT Training Site Calero taken from the below link.



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