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Special Operations Glossary

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The Special Forces community and the military services in general use a multitude of words, phrases, and acronyms in its vocabulary, documentation, correspondence, and publications.  This glossary is intended to aid those unfamiliar with specific special operations terminology.

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HA.  Humanitarian Assistance.

HE.  High Explosive.

HEAT.  High Explosive Anti-Tank.

HEMTT.  Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck.

HF.  High Frequency.

HHC.  Headquarters and Headquarters Company.

High and Tight. Something SF dudes just don't do. Rangers used too until they got cool and started doing 90-day combat tours. Learn more about "high and tights".

Hi-Lux.  A Toyota truck that is four-wheel drive and seats 4-5 personnel in the cab.  Very common NTV for Special Forces teams.

HMMWV.  High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. The HMMWV comes in many configurations to include trucks, ambulances, TOW missile variant, and communications vehicles.  Later versions used in Iraq and Afghanistan received "Up Armored" modifications to withstand small arms fire and roadside IEDs.

HN.  Host Nation.  "A nation that receives the forces and/or supplies of allied nations, coalition partners, and/or NATO organizations to be located on, to operate in, or to transite through its territory."  (JP 1-02).

HPT.  High-Payoff Target.

HQ.  Headquarters.

HRT.  Hostage Rescue Team.

HUMINT.  Human Intelligence.  "A category of intelligence derived from information collected and provided by human sources".  (JP 1-02).

HVT.  High Value Target.

Hybrid Warfare. The term hybrid war or warfare refers to the blending of traditional and non-traditional modes of fighting. For more on this topic see Special Forces and Hybrid Warfare.


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