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Special Operations Glossary

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The Special Forces community and the military services in general use a multitude of words, phrases, and acronyms in its vocabulary, documentation, correspondence, and publications.  This glossary is intended to aid those unfamiliar with specific special operations terminology.

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LAN.  Local Area Network.  Refers to a connected computer network system usually found in a large unit such as JSOTF, SOTF, or AOB. In some instances, ODAs will also have a LAN set up to plan, coordinate and conduct operations.

Landing Zone.  Usually denotes a field or airstrip that will receive fixed-wing, STOL, and rotary-wing aircraft.  Sometimes referred to as LZ.  An HLZ referrs to Helicopter Landing Zone.

LAW.  Light Antitank Weapon.

LBE.  Load Bearing Equipment.  A harness or vest that is worn on the body and which you hang equipment on (i.e. canteens, ammo pouches, flashlight, medic kit, strob light, etc.)

LD.  Line of Departure.

LEA.  Law Enforcement Agency.

LIC.  Low Intensity Conflict.

Lines of Operation.  "A line of operation defines the orientation of the force in time and space, or purpose in relation to an adversary or objective.  Commanders may describe the operation along lines of operations that are physical, logical, or both.  A physical line of operation connects a series of decisive points over time that lead to control of a geographic objective or defeat of an enemy force.  A logical line of operation links multiple decisive points with the logic of purpose to defeat an enemy or achieve an objective".  (JP 3-0).  Sometimes shortened to LOO.

Little Bird.  OH-58 helicopter used to support SOF.

LMTV.  Light Medium Tactical Vehicle.  This truck replaced the 1 1/2 ton truck.

LNO.  Liaison Officer.

LOC.  Lines of Communication.  Refers to feature that allows movement of personnel and equipment such as a road, highway, waterway, etc.

LOO.  Lines of Operation.  See definition above.

LOS.  Line of Sight.

LRDG. Long Range Desert Group. A World War II British unit comprised of UK, New Zealand, and other personnel that conducted long range reconnaissance missions in North Africa. It would later see action in the Aegean Sea.

LRSD.  Long Range Surveillance Detachment.

LTIOV.  Latest Time Information is Of Value.

LZ.  See Landing Zone above.


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