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The Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) is long and hard.  However, the training of a Green Beret does not stop there. Once on an Operational Detachment Alpha the SF Soldier continues with more advanced training. Below is a listing of some of the advanced skills training the Green Beret may undergo once on a SF team.

Special Forces Combat Diver Qualification Course

The Special Forces Combat Diver School is located on Key West, Florida.  It is one of the hardest schools offered by the Army.  Learn more about the Special Forces Combat Diver Qualification Course.

Special Forces Combat Diving Supervisor Course

Once on a Combat Dive team and Combat Diver qualified the SFODA member could go on to attend the Dive Supervisor course at Key West, Florida.

Special Forces Diving Medical Technician Course

Medically qualified Special Forces Soldiers can attend the Dive Medical Technician course to become a DMT.

Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC)

  SFAUC courses are run at Special Forces groups and Soldiers usually attend the training as part of their operational detachment. Elements of the month-long course include weapons handling, lots of shooting, flat range, breaching, and shoot-house where Close Quarters Combat (CQB) techniques are refined.  Learn more about SFAUC.

Military Free Fall Parachustist Course (MFFPC)

The free fall course is about four weeks long and is open to a wide variety of personnel - but typical student will be one who is assigned (or will soon be assigned) to a Military Free Fall (MFF) SFODA.

Military Free Fall Jumpmaster Course (MFFJM)

The student should have at least 50 free fall jumps and served as a Miltary Free Fall parachutist for at least one year. The course is three weeks long and taught in Yuma, Arizona. Learn more about the Military Free Fall Jumpmaster Course.

Military Free Fall Instructor Course (MFFIC)

This course is eight weeks long and requires a number of advanced free fall prerequisites prior to attendance.

Free Fall Advanced Tactical Infiltration Course (ATIC)

This advanced three week course is held at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona. Requirements include MFFJM qualification and over 100 MFF jumps.

Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant Course (SFISC)

This fourteen week long course is academically demanding. Before attending the Soldier should have at least the rank of Staff Sergeant and have a minimum of two years ODA or ODB time. Learn more about the Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant.

Winter Warfare, Mountain and Cold Weather Operations

Winter Warfare and Cold Weather Operations.  Some groups train their teams to operate in harsh environments under challenging weather conditions.  The 10th Special Forces Group has historically conducted training in winter warfare and mountain operations.

Advanced Special Operations Techniques Course (ASOTC)

The 14 week long course trains the Soldier on special operations, mission planning, advanced special operations, interagency operations, and unconventional warfare.

Advanced Special Operations Managers Course (ASOMC)

Attendence to this three week long course requires advanced training and experience to include ASOTC.

Advanced Language Training

Special Forces Soldiers learn a language as part of the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC).  Once they are assigned to a Special Forces detachment they will continue their language training.  In addition, they may get the opportunity to do advanced language training while immersed in other cultures - called Live Environment Training (LET).

Special Forces Technical Surveillance (SFTSC)

Students are trained in a variety of skills during this twelve week long course to include advanced digital photography, use of video equipment, conduct of technical support operations, and exploitation of tactical assets for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Special Operations Analytics and Intelligence Course (SOAIC)

This five week long course will train Soldiers to access, analyze and fuse intelligence data to provide specialized intelligence support to the full range of SOF missions.

SF Senior Mountaineering Course (Level 2)

This six week long course is designed for Special Forces Soldiers assigned to Mountain operational detachments. Soldiers will be trained in tactical military operations in mountaineous terrain, conduct pack-animal operations, learn rock and alpine climbing techniques.

SF Master Mountaineering Course (Level 1)

This four week long course includes training in tactical mountain operations in a winter environment, fieldcraft training, high-altitude medical considerations, cold-weather medical evacuation techniques, winter guide techniques, and other high level mountaineering capabiltiies. Must be a graduate of the SF Senior Mountaineering Course (Level 2).

Special Forces Network Development Course (NDC)

This four week long course trains and educates the student to design, developm assess, vet, protect and expand complex indigenous networks in varied cultural and social environments through traditional and modern technologies.

SOF Digital Targeting Training

This course trains the student to conduct advanced digital-targeting operations in support of the full-range of special operations through the employment of wireless and digital technology.

UW Operational Design Course

This four week long course provides the student knowledge in the art of comprehensive unconventional warfare planning through design.

Special Forces Sniper Course (SFSC)

This seven week long course provides training on general sniping topics, marksmanship, rural fieldcraft, technical surveillance equipment, sniper weapon systems, and practical application. Trains students in Level 1 special operations sniper skills. Learn more about the Special Forces Sniper Course.

SF Advanced Targeting Reconnaissance Target
Analysis Exploitation Techniques (SFARTAETC)

This seven week long course provides specialized and comprehensive training in the tactics and techniques needed for duty with extremis forces and for assignmet to theater CIFs.

SF Physical Surveillance Course

This eight week long course trains the student to conduct multi-modal non-technical personal and target surveillance operations in support of the full range of special operations.

SOF Sensitive Site Exploitation, Technical Exploitation Course

This three week long course consists of training on advanced battlefield forensics. Many of these advanced skills were developed on deployments in the Afghan War and through inter-agency training opportunities.

SOF Sensitive Site Exploitation, Operator Advanced Course

This three week long course trains the student in sensitive site exploitation to include biometrics, forensics, document and media exploitation, IED exploitation, tactical questioning and detainee-handling procedures.

Specialized Civilian Schools

Many Special Forces Soldiers receive training through attendance at various civilian courses. For example, they will attend combat shooting courses, martial arts classes, and security driving schools.


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