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Hybrid Warfare

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Definition of Hybrid Warfare. The term is defined by many students of warfare with varying perspectives on both the history and future of warfare. Some other terms closely aligned with Hybrid Warfare include irregular warfare, compound warfare, guerrilla warfare, unconventional warfare, civil war, covert, non-conventional, terrorism, unrestricted warfare, ambiguous warfare, narco-terrorism, hybrid threat, terrorism, asymmetric warfare, information warfare, surrogate warfare, 4GW, political warfare, insurgency, proxy war, shadow war 4., Three Block War, Four Block War 1., and others. Some additional aspects of hybrid warfare (depending on who is doing the defining) could include IEDs, IO, cyber warfare, and NBC weapons.

Common Definition of Hybrid Warfare. A combination of regular forces, irregular forces, criminal elements, political organizations, and/or terrorists that blend (and blur) traditional and non-traditional styles of warfare. Any or all of the mentioned types of forces could be engaged in hybrid warfare.

Lack of DoD Definition for Hybrid Warfare. The Department of Defense does not yet have a definition for hybrid warfare (see JP 1-02) 3.; instead, holding the position that it is not a new type of warfare (current doctrine covers all aspects of hybrid warfare). DoD says that the term describes the increasing complexity of future conflicts and the need for adaptable and flexible U.S. military forces. Probably the closet term used by the DoD that aligns with hybrid warfare is "irregular warfare". Of course, if you think that the U.S. Army has understanding irregular warfare as a priority - think again. The Army just closed (October 2014) the Army Irregular Warfare Center (AIWC) 6.; in addition, the Counterinsurgency Center has already been closed (in 2013?). Go figure.

Recent Examples of Hybrid Warfare. The Israeli war with Hezbollah in 2006 (called by some as the Second Lebanon War) showed the world (and the Israeli military) the effectiveness of hybrid war used against a stronger and superior force. Hezbollah did not wage a true guerrilla or conventional war; but something in between. The recent escapades of Russia's use of unconventional warfare in Chechnya (2008) and the Ukraine (2014) provide excellent examples of hybrid warfare used successfully by a state power. 2. Of course, we would be remiss in not mentioning the recent success of the 'Islamic State' in Syria and Iraq - surely that is an example of hybrid warfare.

Future of Hybrid Warfare. It is very likely that the vast majority of the future conflicts found in the world will be hybrid warfare in nature. The "traditional" form of conflict between two armies of their respective nation-states will likely be less prevalent than "non-traditional" conflicts. This is especially so in the case of the United States. Very few militaries in the world can hold their own in a match against the U.S. military using a traditional mode of warfare. So it is inevitable that these nations or non-state entities will opt for hybrid warfare to accomplish their objectives and goals.

Countering Hybrid Threats. The U.S. military has a variety of mission sets that will address hybrid threats to include counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, stability operations, and Train, Advise, and Assist (part of Security Force Assistance). However, most military observers believe that the United States (currently) lacks the vision to successfully counter hybrid warfare.

Warrior - Scholars. There are some who advocate for the development of a class of warrior scholars who, as part of a learning and agile organization, are able to learn and adapt in order to achieve success against hybrid threats. This, of course, would require the military to put more resources (money) into individuals rather than expensive weapons systems (such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter).

Special Forces. While the entire U.S. military establishment needs to be able to address hybrid threats, the military organization of the United States that is ideally suited to operate in the hybrid warfare environment is the U.S. Army Special Forces. This is a result of the training, history, organization, doctrine and mission orientation of the SF units within the Army.

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News Articles and Releases on Hybrid Warfare

February 2, 2016. "The Strategy of Hybrid Warfare", Small Wars Journal. Octavian Manea interviews Alexander Lanoszka of the Dickey Center for International Understanding at Dartmouth College.

September 11, 2015. "What is Hybrid Conflict?", Lawfare Blog. A partipant to a Pentagon symposium hosted by the office of the legal advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff shares his comments on the conference.

July 3, 2015. "The 'new' type of war that finally has the Pentagon's attention", By Todd Greentree, The Washington Post. The DoD is very concerned with Russia's ability to employ a combination of stealth invasion, local proxy forces and international propaganda to annex Crimea and destabilize eastern Ukraine.

May 8, 2015. "Hybrid war - does it even exist?" NATO Review Magazine. The author claims that the term is misleading - that war has always been interconnected and multi-facited.

September 4, 2014. "SACEUR: Allies must prepare for Russia 'hybrid war'. Stars and Stripes.

August 21, 2014. "Ambiguous warfare providing NATO with new challenge". Yahoo News at this link. . Russia's unconventional attack on the Ukraine leaves NATO perplexed on how to respond.

July 28, 2014. On On Not-so-New Warfare: Political Warfare vs. Hybrid Threats,  War on the Rocks, by Frank Hoffman at this link..

July 17, 2014. "Getting Behind Hybrid Warfare", Cicero Magazine, by Jordan Bravin at his link.

June 11, 2014. Russia's Hybrid War in Ukraine,  by Oleg Shynkarenko, Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR) at this link. Moscow uses a mix of irregulars, volunteers, commandos, and some troops to secure the land bridge from the motherland to the Crimea.

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March 6, 2011. Hybrid War: Why the Hype?,  Winds Over Iraq at this link. This blog post puts forth the argument that hybrid warfare is " . . . hardly a new phenomenon".

February 2, 2010. "The QDR's Fallacy of Hybrid Warfare", by Daniel Goure, Lexington Institute at this link. Goure says this is nothing new and few states or groups are capable of executing hybrid warfare. His article is dated 2010; I wonder on his thoughts in mid-2014.

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6. See "Irregular warfare center to close Oct. 1", Army Times, September 1, 2014.


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