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SF Intelligence Sergeant (18F)

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This fourteen week long course is academically demanding. Before attending the Soldier should have at least the rank of Staff Sergeant (SSG E-6) and have a minimum of two years ODA or ODB time. The course is currently taught in two phases with eleven weeks at Fort Bragg, NC and the last three weeks in the Washington, DC area.

Purpose of the Course. To train selected Special Forces NCOs in Skill Level 4 conventional and unconventional intelligence functions in support of all Special Forces missions across the operational continuum. Graduates will fill positions at the operational detachment, company, battalion, group, and higher unit, staff and school levels.

Scope of the Course. Conventional and Unconventional Intelligence collection, exploitation and processing; threat vulnerability assessments; analytical techniques and training; intelligence reports and reporting architecture; asymmetric target analysis; intelligence preparation of the environment (IPE); interagency operations, fingerprinting, photography, biometrics identification systems, digital intelligence systems, geospatial intelligence systems, and a course culmination targeting exercise (TAREX).

Phase 1 - Fort Bragg, NC. This eleven week phase covers much of the content of the course mentioned above.

Phase 2 - Washington, DC.  This three week phase consists of intensive on-site training at national intelligence agencies in the DC area. These agencies include DIA, NGIA, NSA, DHS, and others.

Publications about the Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant

"Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant Course", Special Warfare Magazine, October - December 2011, page 9. Accessed here.

STP 31-18F4-SM-TG, Soldier's Manual and Trainer's Guide, MOS 18F, Special Forces Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant, 20 Sep 1994.  Accessed here on Army Pubs doctrine library. Requires AKO login.

TC 31-20-2, Special Forces Handbook for the Fingerprint Identification System, 30 Sep 2009.  Accessed here on Army Pubs doctrine library. Requires AKO login.

ATP 3-90.15, Site Exploitation, July 2015.

Other Websites with Info on SF Intel Sgt

SF O&I (18F). By About.com.  This is older info reflecting the course length of 10 weeks and the old title for the MOS. Access the web site here.

Intel Support to COIN. Many of the activities of a Special Force detachment revolve around counterinsurgency or COIN. The SF Intel Sgt should be knowledgeable about intelligence support to counterinsurgency.

Time Sensitive Targeting. The SF Intel Sgt should be aware of the targeting process. SOF uses a network-based targeting process called "Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, and Disseminate" or F3EAD.

Law Enforcement (Police) Intelligence. Many of the skills and analytic methodologies used in an Unconventional Warfare (UW) or Counterinsurgency environments are applicable to the civilian law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, DEA, state, and local police agencies. But . . . equally important, are those aspects of police and law enforcement intelligence techniques and processes that are applicable to Unconventional Warfare and/or Counterinsurgency environments. Learn more about law enforcement and police intelligence techniques and methodologies.

Biometrics. The Intel Sgt on the SF team is usually (but not always) one of the team members who is knowlegable of biometrics. Biometric-Enabled Intelligence (BEI) is an important component of a counterinsurgency or counterterrorism fight. Read more in "Biometric-Enabled Intelligence in Regional Command - East", Joint Forces Quarterly 72, January 2014; posted on the website of the National Defense University Press.

Counter Threat Financing. One of the priinciple ways of interdicting terrorist and insurgent groups is the disruption of their funding operations. One example is the raid that an SF AOB conducted in Tikrit, Iraq in 2007 against a Hawala operation which resulted in a tremendous cache of intelligence about insurgent financing. Read more about counter threat financing.


Home > Training > Advanced Skills > SF Intel Sgt


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