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SF Advanced
Urban Combat (SFAUC)

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This three to four week long course started in the early 2000s and was conducted at group level.  All seven Special Forces groups run the course according to a Program of Instruction (POI) provided by USASFC.

SFAUC Instructors.  Instructors for the SFAUC course at the groups were usually taken "out of hide".  Meaning competent instructors were detailed from their ODAs (or staff positions) and assigned to be instructors on either a full- or part-time basis.  All SF ODAs are required to attend SFAUC on a periodic basis.  Usually three to six teams will attend a SFAUC course.  The course length is about three to four weeks depending on the specific Special Forces group. In the past few years the Special Forces groups now have permanent cadre assigned to specialty courses such as SFAUC.

Program of Instruction.  SFAUC is run in several phases.  The phases include flat range weapons firing, Close Quarter Combat (CQB), and  shoothouse drills. Some SFAUCs will incorporate an end-of-course FTX or exercise where all the skills taught are used in a complex scenairo that involves mission planning, rehearsals, and infiltration by foot, vehicle movement, or air insertion.

Breaching.  The art of breaching security fences, windows and doors are taught at SFAUC. There are a number of breaching tools that can be used such as crowbars, "quickie saws", shotguns, and more. Some Special Forces members attend specialized military and civilian schools to learn breaching techniques to complement the breaching methods they learn in SFAUC. There are generally two types of breaching - mechanical and explosive.

Infiltration Techniques.  During SFAUC teams will move to their target in a variety of ways to include helo insert, parachute infil, and fastroping.

Equipment.  In addition to learning about breaching equipment other specialized equipment is practiced with to include weapons accessories, night vision devices, and more.

Publications about the SFAUC

FM 31-28 is the Army's SFAUC manual.

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