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Warrant-Based Targeting

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Warrant-based targeting was introduced to the Iraq conflict toward the later part of the war - towards the end of 2008. As the Iraqi police and judicial system matured the U.S. Army decided (actually forced to by a revised status-of-forces agreement with Iraq) to follow a prosecution-oriented strategy to capture of enemy combatants. This meant that the Iraqi judges played a critical role in authorizing (issuing a warrant) targeted captures and searches and in the prosecution of the captured insurgent.

This move to warrant-based targeting was opposed by many who noted the corruption of the Iraqi police and the unreliability of the nascent Iraqi judicial system. In most cases, U.S. troops needed to secure a warrant from an Iraqi judge before arresting an insurgent. In fast moving situations where an insurgent was identified it was sometimes impossible to obtain a warrant from an Iraqi judge in a timely manner (if at all). The Iraqi police and judiciary system were notorious for accepting bribes and alerting insurgents of newly issued warrants.

Vulnerability of Witnesses. For a judge to issue a warrant for a search or arrest two witnesses to the crime have to provide sworn statements. The witnesses will have to testify before judges, prosecutors and other observers which leaves them open to retaliation.

Below you will find references, papers and publications about warrant-based targeting.

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Government Publications on Warrant-Based Targeting

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International Organizations - Pubs on Warrant-Based Targeting

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Journals and Magazines on Warrant-Based Targeting

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Publications and Papers on Warrant-Based Targeting


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News Reports on Warrant-Based Targeting

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Home > Training > Adv Skills > Intel > Warrant-Based Targeting


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