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Irregular Warfare (IW) News

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New Reports and Articles on Irregular Warfare (IW)

June 26, 2014. Naval War College confers with Irregular Warfare Experts, DVIDS at this link. CIWAG annual symposium at Newport, R.I.

October 12, 2013. "Coalition and Irregular Warfare Center shows little for $42 million effort", Las Vegas Review-Journal at this link. The Air Force IW Center wastes money.

April 16, 2009. "Irregular Warfare Center opens". Nellis Air Force Base at this link.

January 2008. Success in Irregular Warfare: Structures and Strategies Needed, by Sam Holliday, American Diplomacy at this link.

Videos About Irregular Warfare

Irregular Warfare, Hybrid Threats, and the Future Role of Ground Forces, Center for Strategic & International Studies, June 23, 2014.


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