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and Air Power

Almost every counterinsurgency force uses an Air Force to some extent. A superpower like the United States or the Soviet Union has access to incredible airpower. However, the posession of air power does not mean it is employed effectively or successfully in a counterinsurgent (COIN) environment.

A-29 Super Tucano
A-29 Super Tucano by Embraer. Twenty of these planes were provided to the
Afghan Air Force in 2016-2018 for their counterinsurgency fight against the Taliban.

Publications, Papers, and Reports about COIN and Airpower


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Tiger Helicopter (France)
Tiger Attack Helicopter (France) - Photo credit Erwan de Cherisey

Books about COIN and Airpower

Cann, John P. Flight Plan Africa: Portuguese Airpower in Counterinsurgency, 1961-1974, Helion and Company, March 2015. Portugal reconfigured its air force to support the counterinsurgency in three of its African colonies in the 1960s to the 1970s. Read book review below.

Corum, James S. Airpower in Small Wars: Fighting Insurgents and Terrorists, University Press of Kansas (June 30, 2003). Available on Amazon.com. Read a book review by A.A. Nofi posted on Strategy Page.

Wood, Richard. Counter-Strike From the Sky: The Rhodesian All-Arms Fireforce in the War in the Bush 1974-1980. 30 Degrees South Publishers (May 2009). Available on Amazon.com.

News Articles about COIN and Airpower

September 25, 2014. LAS in, LAS out: Counterinsurgency Planes for the USA and its Allies, Defense Industry Daily.

March 30, 2010. Airpower in Counterinsurgency, Wings Over Iraq Blog. A look at the British use of airpower in the counterinsurgency fight in Iraq post-World War I.

December 16, 2009. "U.S. Failed to Get Best Planes, Best Bombs, and Best Plans into Afghan Fight", Wired.com. A former air boss (06) says that the Air Force had the wrong bombs, didn't start building the Afghan Air Force soon enough, and the American troops are doing too much of the fighting.

May 2008. "In Today's Wars, Air Strikes Under Fire", by Sandra Erwin, National Defense Magazine. Despite the technological precision of today's air platforms civilians still manage to be killed or injured during counterinsurgency air strikes - undermining efforts to win over the population.

March 18, 2005. Air Power and Counterinsurgency in Iraq: Dominating the skies is essential to support troops on the ground, by Lawrence Spinetta, Council on Foreign Relations.



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