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Robin Sage

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The Army Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) culminates in an unconventional warfare exercise known as Robin Sage.  Robin Sage has been the concluding event of the Special Forces course for seveeral decades - beginning in 1974.  It is held in central North Carolina in the fictional country called "Pineland". Prior to 1974 the field exercise had other names. [1]

Robin Sage UW Exercise SFQC
Student in Robin Sage UW Exercise - a culminating event in the Special Forces
Qualification Course (SFQC) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina
(Photo credit: SGT Derek Kuhn, 40th Public Affairs Detachment, 22 Sep 2010).

The Robin Sage exercise is preceded with instruction on unconventional warfare.  The Special Forces students learn the components and nuances of unconventional warfare to include guerrila warfare, insurgency, sabotage and subversion. As a result of their knowledge of how to conduct unconventional warfare, operate in the "Gray Zone", and provide support to insurgents Special Forces Soldiers are ideally suited to be deployed to conflicts involving counterinsurgency.

The students begin the exercise with a mission planning phase that will last several days. The students are organized into 12-man operational detachments and assigned planning and living areas where they do their mission analysis, preparation, planning and coordination. This mission analysis is commonly referred to as "isolation".  They review their operations order and formulate their plans for infiltration into "Pineland", establishing contact with a resistance force, training the resistance force (or guerrillas, underground, and auxialiary), and the conduct of follow-on combat operations.

The exercise takes part over a large area of North Carolina and has the support of many of the local communities.  In fact, many civilians in the exercise area play the part of guerrillas, supporters, and leaders of the resistance. The exercise area sometimes includes as many as fifteen different counties in central North Carolina.

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[1] Prior to Robin Sage there were other UW exercises as the culminating event for the Special Forces Qualification Course. These were named Gobbler Woods and Cherokee Trail.



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