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Special Forces Assessment
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Special Forces training is long and hard.  There are several phases of training to go through before one becomes a "Green Beret".  The first step is to be "selected" in the Special Forces Assessment and Selection course or SFAS.

Special Forces Assessment and Selection is three weeks long.  You are mentally and physically stressed and evaluated by Special Forces instructors for suitability to continue training in Special Forces.

There are many reasons why you may not be selected during SFAS.  One reason is you may not be physically ready for the course - meaning your physical fitness is not what it needs to be.  A second reason is that you may suffer an injury that prevents you from completing the course. A third reason is that you are just not mentally tough enough - the heart and mind is not there! The cadre may feel your are not quite Special Forces material or that you are not ready for the SFQC just yet.

But hopefully you will show up for SFAS prepared for the rigors ahead of you.  The info and links below may be helpful in your preparation.

"Get Selected for Special Forces".  A book by LTC Joe Martin - proceeds go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Two Weeks in Hell.  Discovery Channel video documentary on SFAS.  Produced in July 2010. When it was filmed SFAS was two weeks long; shortly before the one-hour program aired on TV SFAS was increased to three weeks.

Prepare for Special Forces Assessment and Selection. Videos on the Special Operations Recruiting Battalion (SORB) website that help you get ready.

SFAS - Special Forces Assessment and Selection, 4 minutes, published on February 19, 2014 on YouTube for GX Magazine, The Guard Experience.

SFAS Videos on YouTube

U.S. Army Special Forces

Getting through SFAS. By North Carolina SF Guard.

Preparing for SFAS. By California National SF Guard.

Pre-SFAS Workout. California Army National Guard.

Miscellaneous Documents and Publications about SFAS

"Selected!".  Be prepared for the U.S. Army Special Forces Selection & Assessment Course.  Learn to use your mind as a weapon.  By Josh Henkin and Anthony Humpage, September 2009.  This 61 page document, located on the website of the Special Operations Recruiting Battalion (SORB), provides important information on how to physically and mentally prepare for SFAS. Some of the topics include a recommended fitness program, footcare, preparation for running tests and rucksack marches, heat acclimatization, hydration and electrolyte management, and more.

"A History of Assessment and Selection", Special Warfare Magazine, Volume 29, Issue 2, July - December 2016, pages 12-17.

Once you are selected you can then attend the Special Forces Qualification Course.

Members of the Army National Guard can attend SFAS without leaving their current unit.  Once they attend SFAS and get selected then they can then transfer to the National Guard Special Forces.


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